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Established in 1940 and PG program introduced in 1945, the English Department of D. B. F. Dayanand College of Arts & Science is one of the oldest departments with four full-time teachers and three CHB teachers. The department has a glorious tradition of eminent and scholar teachers of English like Prof. Iyer, Prof. Ramchandran, Prof. Gowda and Prof. Vaidya. The department offers special English course at B.A. and entire English at M.A. The department runs a short-term course Business English and Soft Skills and a course in Functional English for Third Year BA and M.A. students proposed by Solapur University, Solapur under Skill Development Program of Central Government of India. The department of English has been recognized as a research centre by Solapur University from 2011. Dr. N. N. Londhe, Associate Professor and HOD English, Dr. T. N. Kolekar, Associate Professor and Dr. R. A. Ranaware, Assistant Professor have been recognized as research guide by Solapur University. The department holds an excellent record of university rankers, meritorious students and more than 30 NET/SET qualified students. The department of English has a language laboratory with 20+1 computers, projector, internet facility and smart-board. It has a collection of more than 12,000 books pertaining to English Language and Literature, Classic and modern English textbooks and references books. The department has a very good collection of e-books. The department conducts various competitions such as elocution, spelling, essay-writing and research paper writing competition for students. The department organizes NET/SET workshop for PG students. The department organizes guest lectures of eminent teachers to update both the teacher and student knowledge. The department observes Teacher’s Day, Guru-pournima and Shakespeare Day. It also arranges an educational tour for students.


   Dr. N. N. Londhe
Qualification : M.A, B. Ed., SET, PGDTE (CIEFL), Ph.D.

Designation : Head and Associate Professor

Experience : 22 Years

E-mail : nnlondhe@dayanand.net

Mobile : 9767917093

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   Dr. T. N. Kolekar
Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Designation : Associate Professor

Experience : 23 Years

E-mail : tnkolekar@dayanand.net

Mobile : 9922881644

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   Dr. R. A. Ranaware
Qualification : M.A. NET, NET,SET, PhD.

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 15 Years

E-mail : raranaware@dayanand.net

Mobile : 9096189076

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   Shri. S. S. More
Qualification : M.A. M.Ed.

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 22 Years

E-mail : ssmore@dayanand.net

Mobile : 9423333244

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Class Subject Syllabus
B.A. Part-I BA I ENGLISH OPT 2017 View Syllabus
B.A. Part-II BA II Indian Literature English 2017 View Syllabus
B.A. Part-II BA II opt British Literature 2017 View Syllabus
B.A. Part – III BA III Special English 2018 View Syllabus
M.A. Part – I MA I English 2017 View Syllabus
M.A. Part – II MA II English 2018 View Syllabus
Ph.D. English Ph. D. Course View Syllabus
Program Outcome [BA]
  • Students are able to convey their message verbally
  • Ability to write clearly and effectively
  • Students are able to comprehend and review various texts in English of them
  • They are acquainted with texts of British , Indian, Afro- American, Russian literature
  • Understanding of the development of the English language as used in works of literature
  • Understanding of the development of the historical and cultural range of literature written in English
  • Students will be able to identify , describe , explain such features as grammar, language pattern, structures of English
  • They will know basic concepts and terminology in the study of literature, linguistics, rhetoric and creative writing
  • Students will develop their ability to describe and explain such things as literary and creative genre canons, practical and professional writing formats , types of rhetorical discourse, types of linguistic phenomena.
Program Outcome [B.Sc.]
    • Students are able to describe their scientific experiments in English.
    • They are able to draft scientific discourse in English.
    • students are acquainted with various sentence structures of English .
    • students are able to use effective language in their presentations.
    • they are introduced with soft skills of English.
    • they are able to convert information into knowledge.
Course Outcome
Paper Number Course Outcome
FYBA – Introduction to Literature View Course Outcome
SYBA – British Literature View Course Outcome
TYBA – British Literature View Course Outcome
TYBA-Literary Criticism View Course Outcome

The Department of English has a Language Laboratory facility both for Teachers and Students. It has 20+1 N-Computing Computer system supported by Orell’s iTAdvanced Version Software for Spoken and Functional English. The Laboratory also has an over-head Projector and a Smart board with head phones and extra Audio system for additional support.

Research Area
Sr. No Name of the guide Research Area Research Guide
1 Dr. N.N. Londhe Indian Poetry and Linguistics Yes SUS/BCUD/PGBUTR/2016/9282
2. Dr. T.N. Kolekar Comparative Literature and British Literature Yes SUS/BCUD/PGBUTR/2010/614
3. Dr. R. A. Ranaware Indian Literature, Diasporic Literature and Comparative Studies Yes SUS/BCUD/PGBUTR/2017/7319
4. Mr. S.S. More   No
Publication of Research Papers

Research Scholars
Sr.No Name of the student Name of the Guide Registration No. Research Topic
1 Mr.Khairadi I.M Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July 2010 Social Realism in ChamanNahal’s Novels
2 Mr .Gaikwad Pravin Baburao Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July 2010 The Rhetoric Power,Violence& Colonialism in J.M. Coetzee’s Selected Novels
3 Mr.Kale Mahesh Arun Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July 2010 A Study of Multi-Cultural Reference The Poems of Agha Shahid Ali
4 Mr.Mali Ravikiran Kalyan Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July 2010 An Exploration of Psychodynamics of Artists with Special Reference to the Selected Works of Kunstler Roman
5 Mr.Khatib Anis.Kadar Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July2012 The Theme of Imperfection &Unfulfillment in the Selected Novels of Rama Mehta , Jai Nimkar ,Anita Desai
6 Mr.Mane Abhimanyu Popat Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July 2012 A Linguistic study of Kaikadi Language In Solapur District
7 Miss. Waghmare Jyoti Nagnath Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st Jan 2014 A Study of Expatriate Sensibility in Selected Novels of Shyam Selvadurai, Michael Ondaatje And Romesh Gunesekera.
8 Mr.Shinde Avinash P. Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st Jan 2014  Social Consciousness in the Selected Novels of U.R.Ananthamurthy,S.L.Bhyrappa and K.S.Karanth
9 Mr.Chavan Shivaji Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st Jan 2014  An Exploration 0f Feminine Perspectives  in the  Novels and Short Stories of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
10 Mr. Koutagi  Dhanayya        Guralingayya Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st January 2015 The Literary World of Sudha Murthy: An Exploration
11 Mr.Dudhal Parmeshwar Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July 2018 The Marginal Voicesof WomanNarratives and Myths In  The Selected Novels ofGita Hariharan  : A Feminist Perspective..
12 Ms. Kumthekar Vaikhari Vasant Dr. T.N. Kolekar 1st July 2018 A Feminist Study of Expoitation and Disenfranchisement of Women in the Selected Works of Ama Ata Aidoo.
Research Facilities

The Botany department is a recognized research centre by Solapur University, Solapur. Co-ordinator of P.G. Department of Botany, Dr. M.N. Jagtap was recognized research guide.
The research laboratory has enough infrastructures to cultivate culture of blue green algae and identification of cultures. These laboratory facilities are also utilized by post graduate students to execute their projects. The sophisticated equipments available in the Research Laboratory are:

  • Laminar air flow
  • Autoclave
  • Shaker
  • Culture rack
  • Computerized microscope
  • Programmable micro-centrifuge
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeter
  • pH meter
  • Electrophoresis unit
  • Hand refractometer
Research Projects
Sr. No Name of Staff Title of project Funding agency Grant sections Status
1 Prof. S. B. Chavan Image of India in the Novels of Bharati Mukherjee UGC 70,000/- Completed and Submitted
2 Dr. T. N. Kolekar Social Realism In The Poetry of Langston  Hughes, Le Roi Jones and Marathi Dalit Poets NamdeoDhasal and DayaPawar. UGC 75,000/ Completed and Submitted
3 Dr. R. A. Ranaware A Comparative Study of Predicament of Women in the Cross Cultural Encounters in Jai Nimbkar’s Come Rain and Betty Mahmoody’s Not Without My Daughter UGC

File No. 23-491/12 (WRO)

1,20,000/- Completed and Submitted
Result Analysis [2013-2018]
Class Total No. of Students appeared Total Pass(Dist. /I/II/pass) Total Fail % of Passing
Academic Year 2014-15
B.Sc.-III Comp 259 258 01 99.61%284
B. A. III Comp 284 194 92 66.54%
B. A. III Spl 24 13 11 54.11%
M. A..-II 20 15 05 75%
Academic Year 2015-16
B.Sc.-III Comp 264 263 01 99.62%
B. A. III Comp 246 213 33 86.68%
B. A. III Spl 26 25 01 99.15%
M.A..-II 29 25 04 86.20%
Academic Year 2015-16 Semester II / IV / VI
B.Sc.-III Comp 264 264 00 100%
B. A. III Comp 249 179 70 71.88%
B. A. III Spl 22 17 05 77.27%
M.A..-II 29 24 05 82.75%
Academic Year 2016-17
B.Sc.-III Comp 234 233 01 99.14%
B. A. III Comp 152 105 47 69.07%
B. A. III Spl 28 25 03 89.28%
M.A..-II 31 31 00 100%
Academic Year 2017-18
B.Sc.-III Comp 328 312 14 95%
B. A. III Comp 188 163 25 86.70%
B. A. III Spl 18 10 08 55.55%
M.A..-II 23 22 01 96%

Departmental Toppers [2013-2018]
Sr. No. Year Seat No. Name of the Students Percentage Rank
1. 2015-16 131742 Miss. PradnyaWadakar 68.13% First
2. 2015-16 131739 Miss. AshaviniVibhute 65.25% Third
3 2014-15 127156


Miss. EkboteAshwini Suresh 68.25% Third
4 2013-14 3047 Miss. KrupalShilpaMahadev 65% Second
Skill Course

Sr. No. Name of the Course Syallbus
1 Certificate course in Functional English View Syllabus
2 Syllabus of Business Communication and Soft Skills View Syllabus
3 The Department of English has started two Skill Oriented Courses View Syllabus

Activity Reports
Year Reports
2014-15 View Report
2015-16 View Report
2016-17 View Report
2017-18 View Report
2018-19 View Report

Sr. No. Name of the Course Reports
1 Two Days State level Seminar View Report
2 One Day State Level Seminar View Report