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About philosophy

The Department of Philosophy was established in 1940, one of the oldest departments in D. B. F. Dayanand College of Arts and Science and offers graduate course. Prof. Devraj Gupta, Prof. A. S. Deshpande, Prof. S. S. Katkar, Prof. U.G. Bawane were former heads of the department. Presently, Dr. S. D. Patankar is working as an in-charge of the department. Dr. A.V. Nama is a faculty member. The department runs skill development courses like ‘Logical Aptitude for Competitive Exam’, and ‘Contemporary Indian and Western Thinkers’ and various extra-curricular activities such as Library Induction program, Bridge course, Wall posters, guest lectures, campus cleaning, and tours have been arranged. The new apps like ‘Google class room’ and ‘outlook’ are used for instructing students. Mentoring is done to students. Remedial coaching is provided to slow learners as well as advance learners. The academic results of department are satisfactory.


    Dr. A. V. Nama

Qualification :M.A., SET, Ph.D.
Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 21

E-mail :

Mobile : 9860523479

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Class Subject Syllabus
B.A.I Philosophy Philosophy View Syllabus
B.A.II Philosophy Philosophy View Syllabus
B.A.III Philosophy Philosophy View Syllabus
Program Outcome [B.A. Philosophy]
Class Subject Syllabus
B.A. Philosophy Philosophy View Syllabus

About the Laboratory:
The laboratory of the department is well equipped with 10 computers, Internet Connectivity, LAN facility and Smart Board, Projector. 3 More computers and 3 in 1 printer have been assembled in the department.

Research Area

Dr. Nama A. V. chose Shankaracharya’s Advaita Siddhanta as a topic for his doctoral research. He made comparative study of Advaita Siddhanta proposed by various Indian ancient schools and contemporary philosophers, such as Shri. Vivekananda, J. Krishnamurti, Yogi Aurobindo, S. Radhakrishnan.
A conclusion of this thesis is that Shankaracharya’s Advaita philosophy is the most comprehensive thought as compared with other contemporary Indian thinkers.

Result Analysis [2013-2018]
Year Students appeared Pass Fail Absent Pass %
2013-2014 07 07 00 00 100%
2014-2015 04 04 00 00 100%
2015-2016 06 06 00 00 100%
2016-2017 02 02 00 00 100 %
2018-2019 03 03 00 00 100%

Departmental Toppers [2013-2018]
Sr.No. Name of Student Percentage Year
1 Mr. Gaikwad Vijaykumar Bhimashankar 83.00% 2014-2015
2 Mr. Ghate Sagar Vishnu 81.00% 2014-2015
3 Miss. Maske Pranali Raghunath 76.02% 2015-2016
4 Mr. Chavan Sunil Shamrao 79.2% 2016-2017
5 Mr. Birajdar Vijaykumar Basawraj 78.2% 2017-2018
6 Mr. Prachande Mahesh Gurupad 85.5% 2018-2019
Skill Course

Sr. No. Name of the Course Syallbus
1 Certificate Course in _Contemporary Indian and Western Thinkers_ View Syllabus
2 Certificate Course in _Logical Aptitude for Competitive Exam_ View Syllabus

Activity Reports
Year Reports
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2014-15 View Report
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2017-18 View Report

Sr. No. Name of the Course Reports
1 Two Days State level Seminar View Report
2 One Day State Level Seminar View Report