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          Department of Political Science is one of the important department in D.B.F. Dayanand College Of Arts & Science, Solapur. Department was established in 1940 from the beginning of the institution the efficient Heads shouldered the Department since 1940. 1) G.N. Sharma 2) K.B. Gavai 3) G.B.Godbole
Mrs. M.A. Patki (M.A,D.H.E, M.Phil) is the current Head of the Department. Department conducts 1) B.A – I , II, III courses 2) Public Administration (P.A) for B.A –II as inter disciplinary subject 3) Democracy , Election & Good Governance which is compulsory for all the students of B.A , B.Sc & Ecs part –I. 4) from this year 2018-19 the department started a certificate course named “ RURAL AND URBAN LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENT ” (RULE) at college level. Which consists theory lectures and field work.
Along with these courses department organizes various activities for the development of the students i.e. the Lectures of Experts, Essay Competition, Research Projects for Avishkar Competition, Visit to Local Self Government etc. the department signed MOU between D.B.F Dayanand college of Arts and Science (Department of Political Science) & Panchayat Samiti Akkalkot.
The department organizes various programmes to inculcate social, National values and takes every effort for the betterment and development of students.


   Mrs.M.A. Patki
Qualification : M.A.,D.H.E. M.PhilDesignation : Head and Assistant Professor

Experience : 29 Years

E-mail : mapatki@dayanand.net

Mobile : 9370421463

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Class Year w.e.f. Syllabus
B.A. Part-I 2018-19 2016 View Syllabus
B.A. Part-II 2018-19 2016 View Syllabus
B.A. Part-III 2018-19 2016 View Syllabus
Program Outcome
  • The Students of Political Science are able to analyze the Political and current issues.
  • The Students of Political Science are able to understand background of any any political issues.
  • The students of Political Science are able to understand importance Indian Constitution.
  • To create awareness in students of Political Science about Indian political system.
  • To inculcate the values of social obligations & nationalism in student.
  • To Acquaint student with functioning of Local Self Government machinery.
  • Supportive to built good citizen & society.
  • To give motivation to Student’s leadership
Course Outcome
Class Paper No. Course Outcome
B.A. Part-I Paper – I View Course Outcome
Paper – II View Course Outcome
B.A. Part-II Paper – III View Course Outcome
Paper – IV View Course Outcome
Paper – V View Course Outcome
Paper – VI View Course Outcome
B.A. Part-III Paper – VII View Course Outcome
Paper – VIII View Course Outcome
Paper – IX View Course Outcome
Paper – X View Course Outcome
Paper – XI View Course Outcome
Paper – XII View Course Outcome
Paper – XIII View Course Outcome
Paper – XIV View Course Outcome
Paper – XV View Course Outcome
Paper – XVI View Course Outcome

Research Area
Sr. Name of Staff Research Area Research Guide
1 Dr. R. N. Jadhav Area : Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Art & Architecture, Historical Archaeology & Socio-Economic Study of Ancient India Yes
Publication of Research Papers
Sr. No Name of the student Title of the Research Registration No. /Declaration No. Year of Reg.

Mr. Anil K. Jambhale

Solapur Zilyatil Virgalancha Samajik, Arthik va Sanskrutik Chikitsak Abhyas Sus/ Exam/ Ph.D./ 2351/ 2014/ dt.04/02/2015  July 2011
Research Scholars
Sr. No. Name of Ph.D. /M.Phil. student Name of Guide Title of Research/ Dissertation Degree Ph.D. /M.Phil. Registr-ation Date Comple-tion     Date (Submit Declaration Certificate)
1 Mr. Kamble M. K. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Solapur Jillyacha Samajik Arthik and Sanskrutik Abhyas Ph.D. Jan 2015 Ongoing

SUS/BCUD/PGBUTR/PET- 5/10941 dated 03 Feb 2015

2 Mr. Chalwadi K. S. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Prachin Bhartiya Arthavayvasthecha ek Abhyas Ph.D. Declared on

SUS/Exam./ PH.D./2017/1225 Dated 16  May 2017

3 Mr. Jambhale A. K. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Solapur Jilhyatil Virgalancha Samajik, Arthik, ani Sanskrutik Drushtine Chikistak Abhyas Ph.D. 10 July 2010 Declared on

SUS/Exam./ Ph.D./2321/2014 Dated 04 Feb 2015

4 Mr. Kshirsagar S. B. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Suphi Sampraday – Solapur Jilyatil tyanche Swarup ani Vikas yancha Abhyas Ph.D. July 2010 Declared on

SUS/Exam./ PH.D./2017/207 Dated 27 Jan 2017

5 Mr. Londhe H. M. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Sant Rohidas Maharajanche Vaishnav Sampradayatil Yogdan Ph.D. June 2010 Declared on

SUS/Exam./ Ph.D./2048/2014 Dated 16 Dec 2014

6 Mr. Nagane H. B. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Prachin Bhartiya Pashudhan: Samajic v Arthic Vishlaytion Ph.D. Aug 2010 Declared on

SUS/Exam./ PH.D./301

Dated 26  Feb 2016

7 Mr. Shaikh S. B. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Beed Jilhyatil Puratatviy Avashesh Ph.D. Declared on

SUS/Exam./ Ph.D./2352/2014 Dated 04 Feb 2015

8 Mr. Tamboli J.C. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Prachin Bharatatil Vahtuk Va Dalan Valan Vyavastecha Abhyas Ph.D. July 2010 Declared on

SUS/Exam./ Ph.D./2321/2014 Dated 04 Feb 2015

9 Mrs. Giri S. K. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Solapur Parisaratil sant parampara-aityahashik vishalayshan Ph.D. Jan 2015 Ongoing

SUS/BCUD/PGBUTR/PET- 5/10761 dated 30 Jan 2015

10 Ms. Gajare S.D. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Solapur Jilyatil Madyayugin Gadya, Wade va Puratatviy Stale yancha aithihasik Abhyas Ph.D. Jan 2014 Declared on

SUS/Exam./ PH.D./2016/860 Dated 19 Aug 2016

11 Smt. Salvithal A.A. Dr. Jadhav R. N. Solapur Jilyatil Varad sthapatyacha abhyas Ph.D. July 2010 Declared on

SUS/Exam./ PH.D./2017/177 Dated 24  Jan 2017

Research Facilities

The AIHC department is a recognized research centre by Solapur University, Solapur. Head of department Dr. R.N. Jadhav is a recognized research guide.

  • Computer
  • Camera
  • E-Books
  • LCD Projector
  • Scanner
  • Printer
Research Projects Major and Minor
Sr.No. Name of Staff Title of Project Funding Agency Grant Status Type


Students Research Project Allotment List
Sr. No. Year List
1 2016-17 View List
2 2017-18 View List
3 2018-19 View List
Toppers/Rankers of university in the department: (Last Five Years)
Year Name of Student Class Seat No. Rank/Marks %
2013-14 Jakapure Aarathi Chandrakant B.A.- I 10859 84.00%
Gaikwad Pritu Prabhakar B.A. -II 30601 75.50%
Bhosale Akash Anand B.A.- III 43450 77.40%
2014-15 Gaikwad Deepratha Yallappa B.A.- I 45517 85.00%
Jakapure Aarathi Chandrakant B.A. –II 29939 82.50%
Janrao Kajal Rajendra B.A.- III 6825 68.00%
2015-16 Pawar Shital Dattatary B.A.- I 171920 87.05%
Karake Vidyarani Dayanand B.A. –II 188994 81.05%
Jakapure Aarathi Chandrakant B.A.- III 110277 82.04%
2016-17 Vhanmane Deepali Suryakant B.A.- I 158331 87.00%
Gaikwad Sunita Nagnath B.A. –II 171867 77.00%
Ingale Shilrantna Anand B.A.- III 187452 69.00%
2017-18 Ingale Pooja Pandurang B.A. –I 158099 86.50%
Gadage Smita Rajshekhar B.A. –II 171700 83.00%
Birajdar Bhayashri Vishwanath B.A. –III 185650 83.30 %
Skill Course

Course Name : A Certificate Course On Rural & Urban Leadership Empowerment (RULE)

Duration : 6 Months

Level : College level

Eligibility : 12th passed anyone

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Activity Reports
Year Reports
2013-14 View Report
2014-15 View Report
2015-16 View Report
2016-17 View Report
2017-18 View Report
2018-19 View Report