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About Sociology Department

Department of Sociology was established in the year 1940. One of the oldest department in DBF Dayanand College Of Arts And Science. We offer graduation course. Prof. Mrs.S.H.Shaha, Prof. Mrs. S.D.Mistry were the former HOD of our department. Presently Prof. Mr. R.G.Maske is HOD of Sociology.Prof Mrs.Dr.R.V.Barve had retired as Assistant Prof in the year 2016. Mrs. N.A.Vhatkar, Mr. M.G. Uttam, Mrs.S.D.Shinde are faculty Members .Various, extra curricular activities such as library induction program, bridge course, E- wall magazines, Social activities and campus cleaning program are arranged in our Department. Mentoring is done to students. Coaching is provided to slow learners as well as advance learners. Academic results of department is satisfactory.



Qualification : M.A., Sociology

Designation : Head and Associate Professor

Experience : 34

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Class Subject Syllabus
B.A.I Sociology Sociology View Syllabus
B.A.II Sociology Sociology View Syllabus
B.A.III Sociology Sociology View Syllabus
Publication of Research Papers

Research Scholars
Sr. No Name of Student Year of degree (UG/PG)passing from our college Exam Qualified (NET/SET/GATE/Other) Year
1 Mr. Dudhagi Shivanand Suresh 2014-15 SET,NET & GATE, Ph.D student  at Lucknow 2015-16
Research Facilities

The Botany department is a recognized research centre by Solapur University, Solapur. Co-ordinator of P.G. Department of Botany, Dr. M.N. Jagtap was recognized research guide.
The research laboratory has enough infrastructures to cultivate culture of blue green algae and identification of cultures. These laboratory facilities are also utilized by post graduate students to execute their projects. The sophisticated equipments available in the Research Laboratory are:

  • Laminar air flow
  • Autoclave
  • Shaker
  • Culture rack
  • Computerized microscope
  • Programmable micro-centrifuge
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeter
  • pH meter
  • Electrophoresis unit
  • Hand refractometer
Research Projects Major and Minor : Dr. M. N. Jagtap
Name of Scheme Purpose File No. Grant allocated Grant received Grant utilized till Remarks
Interaction studies on metal accumulating plants and bacteria for effective phytoremediation Minor Research project F.47-139/2005

Dated  14May 2005

60,000 60,000 60,000 completed
Exploration of cyanobacterial flora from North Solapur tahsil of Solapur district.( MH) Minor Research project F-47-1427/2010 WRO Dated22nd Sep.2010 1,80,000 180000 1,80,000 completed
Biodiversity study of Ekurah  (Hipparga ) lake of Solapur Minor Research project I.CL.E. 5TH Nov. 2018 60,000 ongoing
Students Research Project Allotment List

Sr. No. Year List
1 2014-15 View List
2 2015-16 View List
3 2016-17 View List
4 2017-18 View List
Result Analysis [2013-2018]
Year Students appeared Pass Fail Absent Pass %
2013-2014 14 11 02 01 84.00%
2014-2015 20 20 00 00 100%
2015-2016 15 14 01 00 93.00%
2016-2017 09 09 00 00 100%
2018-2019 15 14 01 00 93.00%
Skill Course

Sr. No. Name of the Course Syallbus
1 Bridge Course for B.A. I(2014-2015) View Syllabus
2 Bridge Course for B.A. I(2015-2016) View Syllabus
3 Bridge Course for B.A. I(2016-2017) View Syllabus
4 Bridge Course for B.A. I(2017-2018) View Syllabus
5 Bridge Course for B.A. I(2018-2019) View Syllabus
6 Bridge Course View Syllabus
7 Outcome Sociology View Syllabus